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About Global Tariff

About Global Tariff

Global Tariff provides the information you'll need to classify your goods with the correct Harmonized Tariff numbers, and to find the duty rates that apply, on an hourly pay-per-use basis.

Use of the system includes powerful keyword search access to the tariff schedules for:

  •  2015 United States Tariff
  •  2015 United States Tariff Schedule B
  •  2015 Canada Tariff
  •  Mexico Tariff [Spanish]
  •  2015 E.U. Common External Tariff
    • U.S. Rulings (NY & Port and HQ) with advanced search tools accessing more than 174,000 Rulings letters
    • Section, Chapter, and Explanatory Notes
    • Canada D-Memoranda, Customs Notices, and CCRA Interest and Exchange Rates
    • Case law, trade actions, and VAT rates

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