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If we can. Meaning that you may have reservations about your ability to do your own tariff classification. HS Classification remains a high knowledge area, and the information supplied by Global Tariff does not in any way ensure that accurate codes will be assigned to your goods. All that Global Tariff can do is provide up-to-date tariff schedules serviced by a quality search engine, along with lots of support material (including more than 165,000 U.S. Rulings letters in our own efficient search database). Should there remain any doubt about the HS Classification codes used, the user is advised to retain the services of a professional Customs Broker or Global Trade Consultant.

If you're a trade specialist with a reasonable knowledge of what's what in importing, and have a good knowledge of your company products, Global Tariff offers the tools you need on an economical, as-required basis to perform your HTS classifications, confirm your freight forwarder's classifications, or update your information database for changes, as well as provide a broad range of other up-to-date documents, references, and trade legislation.

We have helped companies like yours solve their cross-border and foreign trade compliance and operational issues for more than 30 years. You can rely on our search engine, and rely on our experience to maintain it properly for your use year after year. One try will convince you of that. The Global Tariff engine is also available on an annual subscription basis for regular users, avoiding the inconvenience of by-the-hour payments.

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