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Global Tariff™ Pay-Per-Use

Before you start:

  • For optimum results, the Sun Java Plug-in should be installed. Please see User Notes for Optimum Viewing linked on the Global Tariff™ Pay-Per-Use welcome page.
  • The fee for the use of Global Tariff™ online is $8.00 per hour in U.S. funds. PayPal will automatically add GST for Canadian users.
  • Please read the Terms of Use linked on the Global Tariff™ Pay-Per-Use welcome page. No warranty for the use of the Global Tariff™ website and the data provided by Global Tariff™ website applications is implied or offered.
  • You need to have a confirmed account with PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account you can still click through to pay, but PayPal will ask you to create an account before proceeding with your purchase.
  • The PayPal account email address that you use to pay is where your purchase receipt and temporary password confirmation will be sent.
  • The time you have purchased begins when you logon to Global Tariff, and cannot be used in portions now and portions later. If you close your browser accidentally or have other computer problems you can log back in after your browser service is restored with the username and password provided in your confirmation email, but the clock does not stop while you're offline. Please ensure that you commence your session having the full length of time you've purchased available to you.

To begin:

Return to the Global Tariff™ Pay-Per-Use welcome page.

If you are ready to proceed to purchase, click on the Pay Pal — Click Here to Pay button.

This link will forward you to a PayPal secure payment processing page. This page shows your transaction details, pre-populated with the information required for your Global Tariff™ purchase.

Complete the quantity field with the number of hours of use you require.

You will now be asked to do one of the following two steps.

If you currently do not have an account with PayPal you can create one, as shown below. PayPal will take you step-by-step through its new account creation procedure.

If you do have an existing PayPal account you can login as shown below. Enter your email address and password and click Continue.

The Make Your Payment page summarizes the transaction for your approval. PayPal will automatically add GST for Canadian users.

The Source of Funds is shown below the payment summary, indicating the total being charged, the currency (USD), which credit card is being used, and the vendor name that will appear on your credit card statement.

You can either Pay or Cancel at this stage. Canceling your payment will return you to the Global Tariff™ welcome page with no payment made or recorded.

After clicking Pay you are advanced to the PayPal confirmation page, from where you are automatically forwarded to the Global Tariff™ logon page.

The Global Tariff™ logon page shows your name, the amount paid, and the corresponding number of service hours ordered.

While this page is opening in your browser, the PayPal server is sending a secure message to the Global Tariff™ server confirming the transaction as complete and valid. When it receives this message from PayPal, the Global Tariff™ server creates a password for your session, recording the amount of time purchased for that password.

The PayPal server message is usually received immediately, and your password is immediately created and ready. The username for your logon is your email address.

An email containing your username and password information is also being sent to your PayPal account email address. In the event of any service interruption, browser closure or failure, or delay with the computer-to-computer messaging, you can get your logon information from the email, open the Global Tariff™ Pay-Per-Use logon page, and commence your session. Your time does not begin until you log on to Global Tariff™ through the Pay-Per-Use logon page.

Normally, all you need to do is click the Get My Password button, and Global Tariff™ will retrieve your session username and password automatically.

Click LOG IN and you're underway! Do your HS classifications, U.S. Rulings, and Customs Data research, and enjoy the superior performance, currency, and power of Global Tariff. When your timed session is over, you will be returned to the Global Tariff™ Pay-Per-Use logon page with a message indicating that your session has expired. If you need more time, you can immediately click through to PayPal from the Global Tariff™ logon page to buy additional hours.

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