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Global Tariff provides the information you'll need to classify your goods with their Harmonized Tariff number, and to find the duty rates that apply. Before starting, please read ABOUT THE TARIFF.

The comprehensive Global Tariff look-up engine provides powerful keyword search access to Harmonized Tariff (HTS) schedules for:

  •  2018 United States Tariff
  •  2018 United States Tariff Schedule B
  •  2018 Canada Tariff
  •  2018 Mexico Tariff [Spanish]
  •  2018 E.U. Common External Tariff
    • U.S. Rulings (NY & Port and HQ) with advanced search tools accessing more than 183,000 Rulings letters
    • Sections and Chapters
    • Canada D-Memoranda, Customs Notices, and CCRA Interest and Exchange Rates
    • Case law, trade actions, and VAT rates

    Global Tariff also gives you centralized access to Customs Harmonized Tariff Codes in PDF or HTML access for many of the major trading nations of the world — from Algeria and Argentina, to India and China, to Vietnam and Zimbabwe. At present, tariff schedules for 170 countries around the world are provided in the most up-to-date available electronic format, plus the E.U. TARIC and WTO schedules for published countries. Advanced search tools with logical options and keyword highlighting are provided for PDF sources.

    Global Tariff Search Engines

    The Global Tariff detail look-up for the United States, Canada, Mexico, and E.U. puts an advanced search engine at your fingertips, enabling you to find the relevant tariff code, the applicable duty rate, and other related Customs information quickly and accurately.

    By Keyword

    Enter descriptive words for your product and click 'Go'. That's all there is to it. Be sure to provide relevant details that define the product according to the classification system — what is it, or what material it is made from, or how it is manufactured or processed. For example, 'Knives Serrated Blades' instead of just 'Knives' will get you the information you require more efficiently.

    By H.S. Code

    If you already know the 4-digit tariff heading for your product, enter it to quickly drill down to your tariff item and see the duty rates that apply.

    You can also use this method to find similar products within a Chapter of the tariff. Type in the first two digits of your tariff code and you will get all the Tariff Headings within that Chapter.

    Using Book View

    In the Book View search option, type in the first four digits of your tariff code and you will get Hierarchy for Heading, which reveals a list of subheading level of goods, along with duty treatments, unit of measurements and applicable preferential tariffs, displayed in a format closely resembling the printed tariff page.

    Using U.S. Rulings

    Searching the U.S. Rulings can be advantageous when the product is complex in nature. For instance, what duty should be applied to Microsoft's Xbox? How should it be classified: as a computer game, an arcade game or an entertainment system? What about a bug zapper: is it an electrical or an electronic product? Seeing how U.S. Customs Rulings have classified articles gives you an idea how your own product should be treated. Obviously U.S. Rulings apply specifically to American imports, but they also give an indication about how other markets could treat the same or similar products.

    U.S. Rulings can also give you an indication of how U.S. Customs has treated products in your industry. Type in the name of your competitors and see the special rulings that have been issued for their products.

    Using Advanced Documents Search

    Global Tariff™ employs an advanced and proprietary search engine, which allows you to search quickly and efficiently through U.S. and Canada Customs document databases. That along with a powerful feature that allows you to jump from one highlighted keyword to the next in the source PDF makes your search fast and effective.

    Knowing Your Tariff Products

    Please be aware that while Global Tariff provides the user with a highly effective tool to search the HS Tariff Schedules for the countries identified, HS Classification remains a high knowledge area and as a result the information supplied by Global Tariff does not in any way ensure accurate HS Classification.

    Should there remain any doubt with the HS Classification code or codes used, the user is strongly advised to retain the services of a professional Customs Broker or Global Trade Consultant.

    Some Tips

    Global Tariff™ is an efficient online resource providing access to the complete Tariff Schedules for the United States, Canada, Mexico and European Union. Some tips before you purchase time:

    • The time you have purchased begins when you logon to Global Tariff, and cannot be used in portions now and portions later. If you close your browser accidentally or have other computer problems you can log back in after your browser service is restored with the username and password provided in your confirmation email, but the clock does not stop while you're offline. Please ensure that you commence your session having the full length of time you've purchased available to you.
    • The fee for the use of Global Tariff online is $8.00 per hour in U.S. funds. PayPal will automatically add GST for users in Canada.
    • Please read the Terms of Use linked on the Global Tariff Pay-Per-Use welcome page. No warranty for the use of the Global Tariff website and the data provided by Global Tariff website applications is implied or offered.
    • You need to have a confirmed account with PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account you can still click through to pay, but PayPal will ask you to create an account before proceeding with your purchase.
    • The PayPal account email address that you use to pay is where your purchase receipt and temporary password confirmation will be sent.
    • For optimum results, the Sun Java Plug-in should be installed. Please see User Notes for Optimum Viewing linked on the Global Tariff Pay-Per-Use welcome page. Browser security must allow the use of session cookies.

    More detailed help about using PayPal with Global Tariff is available from Pay-Per-Use Help. Within Global Tariff, help sections are available for the general search, U.S. Rulings, regulations documents, and resources.

    Get started on the Global Tariff Welcome page.

    Your tariff classification was tremendously helpful and well worth the $8 that I spent. I used the [U.S.] Rulings database to come up with the item I wanted, which is not specifically mentioned in the HTS schedule. Sure enough I found it, and am quite certain I got it right.

    Steve Borowka
    Global Sourcing

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